Today we are going to tell you about the top 10 famous Indian girls who are becoming more and more famous on Instagram reel.

Diya Mukharji

Diya Mukherjee's face is so cute that once you see her video, you will be quite impressed. His acting skills are amazing.


Sanchita Basu

Sanchita Basu

Sanchita Basu is the actress who comforts people's hearts by creating very beautiful reels on Instagram with a beautiful smile.

Anjali Pandey

Anjali Pandey is a beautiful actress of Instagram who is becoming very famous. Their smile is of a different kind.

Who can not be crazy about Bhumi Sharma's seductive looks and performance. Once you will see their real scores on Instagram.

Poonam Singh

Poonam Singh is becoming quite famous by making Instagram movies mostly on Bhojpuri songs. Most of his films are based on Bhojpuri songs.

Pari Patil is also becoming quite viral in Instagram reels these days. The main reason for this is their beauty and their style.

Pari Patil

Pari Patil

Aditi Tripathi's name also comes in the list of hot and cute girls of Instagram.